Costa De Almeria Tourist Guide And Information

On the southern coast of mainland Spain, the Costa de Almeria is the perfect beach holiday destination with fantastic sand and shingle beaches lining the coastline, and excellent resort centres dotted along the seafront. Just a couple of hours flight from the UK will bring you to this fabulous region, considered as one of the quieter and more varied of the Costa’s. This quick Costa de Almeria tourist guide will help you appreciate what Almeria is all about.

Language: Spanish
Currency: Euro
Time difference: One hour ahead of UK
Flight time: Two and half hours from UK

Almeria Beaches

The beaches in the Costa de Almeria are known as some of the most beautiful and largest in Spain, as well as some impressive isolated protected beaches with marine and fauna life. Water sports are also a popular activity in the Costa de Almeria with many of the major beaches having centres on them for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Activities and shopping

As well as the choice of water sports, there’s plenty of activities and entertainment on dry land to keep you busy. Golf lovers will appreciate the choice of golf courses, and there’s abundance of shops, bars and restaurants in each resort. The village market in Vicar is a great day out, with a real traditional atmosphere selling all kinds of local produce, and then street stalls in Almeria are great for souvenirs.

Sightseeing in Almeria

The 16th century cathedral and the Alcazaba castle in the city of Almeria are a must see with their original structures still in existence and use to this day. The Natural Parks around the Costa de Almeria are also a refreshing change from the buzz of the resorts, as are the beautiful villages in the hills surrounding the coastline.

Nightlife in Almeria

If you’re after late night bars and clubs then you’ve come to the wrong place. The Costa de Almeria has fairly low key nightlife, mainly centered on the tapas bars and numerous s restaurants in the resort centres. Ideal for families and couples who don’t want the crowds and bright lights of the other Costa’s, this area still offers some late nights if you wish to stay out just a little longer. Dine in a traditional restaurant with a glass of wine or two as you watch the world go by…that’s the Costa de Almeria way.

Climate in Almeria

The Costa de Almeria has the most sunniest and dry climate in Spain, with long hot summers and warm winters, and very little rainfall. The peak summer months of July and August tend to reach 30 degrees plus, while the quieter summer months’ temperatures hit the late 20’s. Evenings are also fine in the peak months and during the off-peak summer months, a light jacket is recommended for those sea breezes, but can still expect great sunbathing in the hot daytime sunshine. Whether you visit in the winter or summer months, you’re guaranteed pleasant weather in the Costa de Almeria.

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